‘We do Have 2 Parties in Cuba ….’

‘We do have 2 parties in Cuba, one is called Fidel and the other Raúl,’ Alberto, a guide in his thirties, answered my, somewhat, naive question and both of us burst laughing. We were chatting about his homeland, the only country he’s ever seen, and I wanted to know if there were any potential political movements, any chances whatsoever that at … More ‘We do Have 2 Parties in Cuba ….’

The Rich Homeless

Imagine just for a moment that neither time nor money are an issue and you can travel as much as you want. You can live an ‘Eat, pray, love’ scenario. Or, in a less romantic version you have a job with which you move around the world, pack your bags, put the rest in a … More The Rich Homeless

A Stroll around Puzzling Tbilisi

Georgia is a country of big contrasts that made me very puzzled. Just a stroll around its capital Tbilisi, makes it obvious that history didn’t spare the country that lies on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The city, where a quarter of the Georgian population lives, is trying to get to its previous, 19th century-self, the glam of which is apparent … More A Stroll around Puzzling Tbilisi

Amazing Horse Riding Through Mountains in Georgia

I’ve been exploring interesting Georgia since the last week now. There will be lots to write about, but in the meantime, get a flavour through some photos. The horse riding excursion to the Didgori Battle monument in the vicinity of Tbilisi was amazing. The day was perfect and Zina, the horse, made my first long horse … More Amazing Horse Riding Through Mountains in Georgia