A Birdcall

I grew up in a city on the Croatian coast. Vehicles speeding on the roads were a much more common sound on the 9th floor of the large apartment block, than a birds’ song, but the sea views connected us with the nature. Summers, however, were a completely different story. We’d spend almost 3 months in our seaside village … More A Birdcall

Ancient Irish Seasons

It’s dump, grey and drizzly outside, one of the days when heavy blankets of clouds seem cast anchored above the very west of Europe. Nevertheless, today, I choose to think about the bright, sunny days ahead of us and celebrate the first day of spring as the ancient Celts on the shores of Ireland did. Those lads and lassies … More Ancient Irish Seasons

Witch’s Halloween Flight over the Adriatic Sea

As every respectable witch, Yesterday morning, I woke up with a flying itch. I said, ‘So long, Dublin, see you soon!’ And was above the Alps before noon. The Alps were beautiful and dramatic, But the blue Adriatic made me ecstatic. Note: If you are flying from the Western Europe direction to Zadar or Split, … More Witch’s Halloween Flight over the Adriatic Sea

Amazing Horse Riding Through Mountains in Georgia

I’ve been exploring interesting Georgia since the last week now. There will be lots to write about, but in the meantime, get a flavour through some photos. The horse riding excursion to the Didgori Battle monument in the vicinity of Tbilisi was amazing. The day was perfect and Zina, the horse, made my first long horse … More Amazing Horse Riding Through Mountains in Georgia