A Local Call

She is in her eighties and he at most in early thirties. They lean comfortably on a tower of orange cases in the middle of a big supermarket, discussing smartphone features. He is very fluent in English, but the accent discloses that he did not grow up in Ireland. “You pull your finger over the screen … More A Local Call

A Birdcall

I grew up in a city on the Croatian coast. Vehicles speeding on the roads were a much more common sound on the 9th floor of the large apartment block, than a birds’ song, but the sea views connected us with the nature. Summers, however, were a completely different story. We’d spend almost 3 months in our seaside village … More A Birdcall

Unknown Croatian Side in London – 3 Winters

The winter of 2014 is around the corner in London. One of the bustling capitals of the world is speeding into the new year. Buskers, cars, Christmas carols, trains, noise, English with all possible and impossible accents, smells from thai over curry to churros, languages of the world, crowd, hustle and bustle of a big city. … More Unknown Croatian Side in London – 3 Winters