Croatian Licitar

This is a Croatian Licitar, a biscuit made of honey dough, that has been produced in Croatia for hundreds of years. Even though Licitars are made of edible ingredients, we don’t eat them, but keep them as a decoration. With this one, I send you lots of love and wish you a merry Christmas wherever … More Croatian Licitar

Child-free Flights?

A few hours later the history repeated itself. However, at that hour the child had had a few hours of sleep in her eyes and wouldn’t give up her demands. The poor creature kept screaming, ‘…mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy….’ I took a walk and walked and walked and walked. People around me were rolling their eyes, shaking their heads, pointing towards the family. The Parents amazed me. The Father fed the small one, took him/her into his arms and got up to stand in the aisle. The Mother, however, was sitting still, her eyes closed as if nothing was happening. There was no seatbelt sign on.

I decided to dare disturb the Mother. I shook her arm, leaned towards her and asked, ‘Excuse me, is this your child?’. … More Child-free Flights?

Pure Taste Restaurant – London, Notting Hill

Pure Taste on Notting Hill is a purely gluten-free, lactose-free restaurant, that caters for the followers of various diets, but also for the meat and seafood lovers. No wonder they are so much nutrition-savvy since their chef is a nutritional therapist Holly Redman. Altogether, the food I picked was very good. Some of the dishes are very inventive and my … More Pure Taste Restaurant – London, Notting Hill

How to Buy Cheap(er) Theatre Tickets in London? (Updated February 2016)

It’s no news if I tell you that London is expensive. However, if you are not into buying a property, but only theatre tickets (they can also be very expensive at times), there are ways of not spending too much. So, how to get cheaper tickets for the great London theatre and hot shows in town? 1. Grab … More How to Buy Cheap(er) Theatre Tickets in London? (Updated February 2016)