Terms of Use

SVooDA’s content is considered all the audio, video, text, images or other content made available by SVooDA that sometimes may include the content which is owned by third parties that permitted us to make it available through SVooDA.com.

A contributor is anyone providing information on SVooDA.com; examples of a contributor, but not limited to them, are a writer of an article or a letter to the editor, a visitor writing a tweet or commenting a post.

SVooDA.com wishes to inform and inspire the readers for beautiful trips. SVooDA is publishing all the content after extensive research, with the best intention, checking, double-checking and triple-checking on all the information provided, but as humans do, we may be wrong at times. Should an error occur, it is entirely unintentional, we apologise in advance and will appreciate if you point us to it.

Our free spirit makes us travel, therefore, we assume that our readers follow, read, view or listen SVooDA’s content of their own free will. We do not want to offend anyone’s beliefs and we’ll try to publish as realistic content as possible. Please, be aware that you are accessing and using the information provided at your own risk. Consequently, neither SVooDA, nor any of its contributors cannot be held responsible if some of our readers have problems after following our advice. Be cautious, but not overcautious to stop yourself traveling and experiencing the world on your own. It’s beautiful out there.

SVooDA cannot be responsible for actions of its advertisers or sponsors.

SVooDA reserves rights to change the terms of use.

Who Owns Rights of the Content on SVooDA.com?

The content published on SVooDA.com belongs to SVooDA and/or the third parties that permitted SVooDA to publish their material. SVooDA doesn’t allow to use (reprint or publish in any form) its content. Should you be interested in using materials we publish, please, contact us with a specific request to discuss.

How can I make contributions to SVooDA.com?

SVooDA may invite you to make, share or submit your own, original contributions that may include text, photographs, video, audio or graphics.

By submitting your contribution to SVooDA.com, you  allow SVooDA to use the material in any way it may reasonably choose on a free-of-charge basis unless differently agreed by a contract. SVooDA may moderate all the contributions submitted, which means they may be removed, reviewed and edited for operational and editorial reasons. The contribution submitted to SVooDA may be shared with trusted third parties.

The copyright in a contribution remains with the contributor.

The contributor confirms that the work submitted is the contributor’s original work, which does not infringe anyone else’s rights and/or has the consent to submit the contribution to SVooDA of everyone who participated in the creation of the submitted work or is in any form identifiable in the contribution.

Minors require the consent of their parent/guardian to contribute to SVooDA.

SVooDA can request the contributors to provide some personal information and show the contributor’s name, unless agreed otherwise. We will keep your personal information secure and use it as specified in the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Privacy and Cookies Policy

SVooDA.com is hosted on WordPress and as such, WordPress can collect certain information according to their Privacy Policy.

WordPress uses cookies, small text files that are stored on the visitor’s machine. The visitors that do not want to have cookies stored on their computer, can control it by setting their browser’s parameters to refuse cookies before using SVooDA.

If you subscribe to SVooDA’s newsletter, we will not share your personal or contact data with third parties. At any time you can unsubscribe from the newsletter with a link provided in the mail. Nevertheless, SVooDA cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of any of the contributors.


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