The First Fake News in the World of Birds

I am being watched while working in my backyard. You always know when it happens. I put my tools on the ground, turn around and there is the onlooker, 2 meters away in the bushes. A Robin. I’d love to be able to tell them apart, but to me they are all the same with their beautiful red-orangy feather and big black eyes. I subtly bribe them with seeds, fruits and dried worms that I leave on the trees and ground and in return enjoy their lovely song throughout the day

Without much consideration, I start tweeting the first tune that crosses my mind. The robin turns his little head on one side, then another. He looks worried. I continue tweeting and changing the tones as they occur to me. I am trying to sound as similar as the robins’ song sounds to me.

At one point, he stops moving and just stares at me for 10 seconds. Then he flies away with the speed of light. God knows what I tweeted, but I hear that some fake news has been spread in the world of birds.
Any resemblance to real events is purely coincidental.

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