I’ll Follow My Heart to Ireland

View of Dun Laoghaire @ Dublin, Ireland

The first time that I moved to Ireland 11 years ago, I had everything organised upfront. I landed to Dublin around 1PM without luggage that was stuck somewhere on CDG, but the day was sunny and I felt so positively excited that nothing could ruin my mood. On the contrary, it was great to learn that someone else would bring 2 large suitcases, which weighted 46kg, to the accommodation in Killiney that my new employer Dell had booked for the first month of my stay. I went into the city for a walk and then jumped on the DART to see Dublin Bay.

Even though I was absolutely exhausted of not sleeping for a couple of weeks, because of all the farewell parties and packing, I couldn’t stop smiling. You know that feeling, when your inner voice tells you that something nice is going to happen? I had that feeling about my move to Ireland from the very night when I put a CV on monster.ie.

Turning back, I can tell that I was lucky enough to have had jobs that allowed me to work from home, so I always managed to spend a lot of time in Croatia and never felt nostalgic about it. But when I left Ireland for longer periods, for one reason or another, I didn’t go back so regularly and nostalgia was kicking in often. Now in the third year in England, it grew immensely.

So, the other night, I lied in my bed and read Dublin Theatre Festival newsletter. It is the festival for which I used to make sure to be back in Dublin every September and beinge-watched-plays they put on. At that point, Ms Nostalgia crashes into my room, starts yelling at me and I can’t shut her up …. What a difficult lady she is … She must be Irish. I am annoyed and say to her, ‘Will you bloody shut up if I book a one way ferry ticket to Ireland now and stop considering any of the English job offers?’ A victorious smile crosses her face and she disappears.

I book the one way ferry ticket for the last day of my contract in Maidenhead and feel the same way I felt that December night of 2005, when I put my CV online. This time, I have nothing organised upfront, except a few job offers in the air, but this time, I am moving back home. I am told that the job market in IT there is good and why wouldn’t I, actually, take some time off to travel around the Emerald Island, to visit all the places I fell in love with back in time? In any case, I have to give a chance to myself to settle down in my other home again. Ireland is all but perfect, but I feel so good there and in the end, I know that when I listen to my heart everything will be just right.

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