My ‘Ode’ to Borough Market

Borough Market area is one of my favourite places in London. I visit it often just for a stroll, to soak its atmosphere and to enjoy the buzz. On a nice day, I’d sit outside Brindisa Tapas and people-watch, while enjoying a bite or two of Spanish flavours. Across the road, there is The Southwark Tavern in all its Britishness, next to it you can buy beautiful flowers Chez Michèle and then move to Wokit for Asian savour. Borough Market is diversity at its best.

Once at the market, all you have to do is to indulge your senses. There is a burst of smells, colours and sounds. Do you want French Comté or a bit of foie-gras? Or you may fancy Croatian wines, British organic apples or Italian truffles …. Name it, you’ll find it. People sit outside in the bars, on the pavement, chit-chat, eat, drink. Life is great.

This is the Borough Market I want and love, not the one where some idiots slaughter innocent people. The world went mad and too much hatred is all around. I wish I had a remedy for this.

My sympathies to all affected ….

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