The Truth @ Wyndham’s Theatre in London

IMG_0718A play hasn’t made me laugh this much for ages. I was crying with laughter at times and was only laughing during the rest of the play.
“La Vérité” by Florian Zeller, translated in English by Christopher Hampton, unfortunately, closed last night at Wyndham’s Theatre in London, but it’ll be a sin if this cast doesn’t bring it up to life again.
All the 5 star reviews are well deserved for a brilliantly hilarious, yet believable story, exploring serious topics of fidelity in long lasting marriages, friendship loyalty and miraculous ways in which love reaches us. The plot is built up in a very clever way and the length of  the dialogues, between interesting and deep characters, is just right.
Is Alice right, when saying, ‘Everything would be so much simpler if everyone told the truth…,‘ or Michel replying, ‘If people from one day to the next, stopped lying to one another, there wouldn’t be one couple left on Earth. It would be more or less the end of civilisation?’ Everybody in the delighted audience, based on their own experiences, must have had their own views on all the questions raised in the play. You would have your own spin, too and irrelevant of your attitudes, if you ever come across “The Truth” or “La Vérité”, don’t miss it. Fun is guaranteed.
With all respect for Mr Shakespeare, this is much, much more my cup of tea.
Cast: Alexander Hanson (Michel), Frances O’Connor (Alice), Tanya Franks (Laurence), Robert Portal (Paul).
Directed by Lindsay Posner

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