Kai will Walk

3 months ago, Kai, a beautiful, positive 5 year-old child, unable to walk, touched many hearts in the UK with his story and the warmest smile in the world.

Due to cuts in the British healthcare system, a short time before he was scheduled for a surgery, which was supposed to enable him to walk, he and his mum Bianca hit a wall. They were supposed to finance this 30,000£ operation themselves … 30,000£ that a single mum simply didn’t have. She organised a crowd funding campaign and after their appearance on the BBC, they collected enough within hours.

Bianca kept us informed about everything and yesterday, 7 days after the operation, Kai stood on his feet for the first time and rode a bicycle today. What a wonderful outcome, which almost didn’t happen.

30K£ that a government doesn’t have for a surgery can change a kid’s life. On the other hand, the same government has a lot more than 30K£ to finance its members’ perks. I purposely said ‘a government’ because this is nothing specific to the British. It applies to all the governments I’ve seen in action and many more. I know it’s utopia, but wouldn’t it be wonderful, if instead of greedy and power-hungry people, those who truly cared led the world?

Well, these stories make me believe in humanity, in spite of rotten political battles, which surround us and I am convinced that there is a sunny road ahead of Kai. Best of luck, kiddo!

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