A Stroll through Lovely Šibenik and its Surroundings

Šibenik and its surroundings are one of my favourite areas in Croatia and it surprises me when I realize that many tourists don’t know about this pearl of the Croatian coast… So, here it is …. something to take into account if Croatia is your next destination.

A few tips and recommendations (including useful links) for the things that I enjoyed, but keep in mind that there are many, many more.

  • A click on the photo will lead you to the album that gives a flavour of what I am talking about.

    Just walk around Šibenik and discover the beauty of its old cobblestone streets, little galleries and shops

  • Take a walk on the St Michael’s Fortress during the day and enjoy a summer concert with a fantastic view in the evening
  • Take a break and have a drink in the shades of the medieval Garden of St Lawrence Monastery
  • Visit beautiful waterfalls of the national park Krka (a boat towards the park entrance goes from the little town Skradin)
  • Šibenik archipelago consists of 249 islands and so if you are into sailing, that would be the way to spend a few days

Note that even though Šibenik doesn’t have its own airport, it’s less than an hour drive from Zadar and Split airports and bus connections are good amongst them. My preference in Croatia is always to have a car to be able to stop and enjoy the views whenever I want to ;).


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