Catch 22 of EU Policies

Stork AttackIf you are among the rich homeless, there is one thing you don’t want to happen – lose your documents. But bad people are, unfortunately, everywhere and even there where you least expect them. So, you leave the wallet behind in an office where you wouldn’t envisage that it would get legs, but by the time you get back, not only that it got legs, but it also learnt how to run away. The thing is that there was not much money in it, but a fun run starts for you anyway.

First, check with the Security, hoping they have found it. They didn’t. Then look at the most improbable places, but you have to accept the fact that it’s gone.

Cancel the bank cards. You are happy nothing was taken there. Report it to the Security, but they can’t do much. And since you cannot prove that it was stolen, because you didn’t see anyone taking it, the Security emphasises that you report it to the police as LOST, not stolen.

You call the police to report the loss, but they don’t deal with the lost, only the STOLEN property.

‘I need the police report reference number to be able to report the stolen loss in my Embassy. Only then they can report it to our Police,’ I cry to the officer. He is nice and says, ‘Well, it sounds as if it had been stolen. We’ll report it as stolen.’ He takes all my details and a couple of hours later I receive an e-mail with the REFERENCE NUMBER.

Nevertheless, the reference number is not the happy end. One of the stolen-lost documents is the driving licence which cannot be issued by the Embassy. In theory, since both countries are in the EU, I should be able to obtain an exchange for my driving licence in the country where I am because they have signed an Exchange Agreement among themselves. The Issuing Authority should write a letter to confirm I hold a full, valid licence and that should be it. But there is a catch. The UK has laid down a rule that they will issue a driving licence only to those who have lived for over 185 days in the country and I have a couple of months to go until then. I must be in limbo and I obviously, still don’t exist here for everything. For tax purposes, of course, I do.


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