A Stroll around Puzzling Tbilisi

Georgia is a country of big contrasts that made me very puzzled. Just a stroll around its capital Tbilisi, makes it obvious that history didn’t spare the country that lies on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The city, where a quarter of the Georgian population lives, is trying to get to its previous, 19th century-self, the glam of which is apparent in many houses that are falling apart nowadays. Unfortunately, the dust of the ruins in the city centre that got in my mouth while I was walking around on a hot September day, was the taste of the lack of money and the poverty inherited from its troubled history. Hopefully, something will change and the renovated old town area, Rustaveli and Aghmashenebeli avenues are just a start towards something brighter.

Enjoy the stroll through Tbilisi!

Note: The photo is a link to an album.




One thought on “A Stroll around Puzzling Tbilisi

  1. A što je tek na periferiji kad im je ova strava u glavnom gradu! Jadni ljudi! Što je komunizam učinio njihovoj staroj kulturi!


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