Beautiful Croatian Scenic Roads

The airport shuttle trundles along the winding, coastal road towards Dubrovnik, while my sight and thoughts wander above the horizon. ‘This is stunning!’, interrupts my dozing with open eyes. ‘What do you mean’, I reply, looking around and trying to spot what my Fella is referring to. He didn’t expect he’d have to explain anything; the beauty of the Croatian coast south of Dubrovnik was obvious to him. However, being used to the stunning Croatian sceneries, I didn’t notice anything worth mentioning.

Seven days later, I drive from the Pelješac peninsula, following the winding littoral road north of Dubrovnik. It’s me now the one who says, ‘It’s stunning’, and slows down to stop by the side of the road. While I admire the Mother Nature’s creation, I feel the need to apologise for my first day’s indifference towards it, ’I love to see the mountains that plunge into the sea and lots of islands scattered like pebbles near them. The islands were missing on the view from the shuttle’, I say and continue to absorb the gorgeous panorama into my mind.

It’s been 3 months since that trip. In the meantime, I have returned to other parts of lovely Croatia. I have driven along its coastal roads several times now and skipped the motorways as much as possible. It’s not about saving money, it’s about enjoying the scenic panoramas. I just can’t get enough of their beauty. I know that the motorways are, normally, a lot faster, that some parts of the Croatian littoral road are very winding and lack good facilities. Nevertheless, whenever I have time and the weather is not bad, I take these old, crooked roads that I used to complain about before. Now, when there are  motorways and there is a choice, I choose the views. Am I getting old? I prefer calling it wise.

Do you prefer taking motorways or country roads when you travel?

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