Weather or No-weather, That’s the Question!



All the Croatians’ complaints about the summer that is NOT a summer make me laugh these days; the air temperatures are from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius and the sea temperatures are just a few degrees below – 24 to 26 today. To be fair, unusually for this time of the year, there are clouds on almost all the photos I took, but many do have very blue skies. Yes, it does rain heavily for several hours at times, but then it doesn’t rain for days. From the Irish perspective, this is a lovely, hot summer. Nevertheless, from the Croatian perspective, this kind of weather is the cause of the national grumpiness :).

‘You, literally, can’t plan anything’, is what you’ll hear on a daily basis. And before you start laughing, bare in mind that the majority of Croatians will plan their outdoor activities only if the weather forecast is really nice. This may seem like a crazy attitude for those living in the less fortunate parts of the world considering weather conditions, but that’s how it is. The beautiful Mediterranean climate has allowed Croatians to be spoiled when it comes to the weather. We’ll see what happens next, but until now it’s been impossible to hear in Croatia, what I heard in Ireland recently, ‘There is no such weather as bad weather; there is only silly clothes.’.

As a matter of fact, the Croatian word for bad weather – ‘nevrijeme’, could be looked at as a denial of weather:

Ne = No

Vrijeme = Weather

Nevrijeme = Bad weather (‘Noweather’)

Obviously, Croatians deny that bad weather is weather.

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